Friday, March 21, 2008

10 – 11:30 am
Room 1-114


The general context of the meeting is the various reports we should be
receiving as a council, and the recommendations we should be making in

The attached materials should help prepare for Friday’s discussion. As
some of you will remember, Sapient Corporation was engaged in fall
2005 to undertake a review of the state of MIT educational technology.
That review has informed some of the changes over the past two years,
including, for example, the reorganization of MIT’s educational
technology organization and the formation of ACCORD.

Now that 2 years have passed, this might be a good time to consider
progress we’ve made over what was observed in fall 2005. If you get a
chance before Friday, please look at the “Current State of Educational
Technology” White paper, paying particular attention to the various
themes that were called out. Please form your own judgment about
which of which of the concerns raised then are still pertinent, and
which of the recommendations remain to be addressed

Overall, our discussion should help us address the following questions:

  1. How is MIT addressing the implications of its past investments and initiatives in educational technology?
  2. How is MIT responding to key strategic imperatives (Curriculum Reform etc) at the present.
    – grants; infrastructure; key initiatives and projects
  3. What is the role of educational technology in advancing MIT’s leadership and strength in light of the opportunities/challenges ahead of us?
  4. How should we continue to provide and support an environment that catalyzes and facilitates faculty innovation?

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