Thursday, May 22, 2008

4:00-5:30 p.m.
Room 1-114


  1. Potential opportunities and approaches for funding educational innovation –
    Even as we articulate activities and experiments that will help us understand emerging educational technology opportunities, it will become important to develop funding strategies to support them. Sufficient resources on a sustainable basis to support educational innovation are an issue. In the past we have had “central” initiatives such as iCampus, d’Arbeloff, the Alumni funds, which have fueled the front end of educational innovation activity. The future trajectory is uncertain. We will brainstorm ideas for funding and a coordinated institutional model that includes external, central and decentralized funding.
  2. Update on the DOS (DSpace, OCW and Stellar integration) project and MITCET review process for this and similar initiatives.
  3. Key elements of MITCET report to the Provost.

    The major areas** identified in the CSET report that we used as a baseline for our discussions provide a useful organization/framework for developing this report. Our discussion should help identify major initiatives, their status, issues and concerns in these areas and any proposed major directions.**Academic Systems & Services, Educational Process; Technology Support; Technology Planning; Comparative Assessment

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