Wednesday, September 22, 2010

3:00 – 5:00 pm
Rm. 33-206


  1. Welcome and opening comments (Dan Hastings, Hal Abelson)
  2. Recommendations for Athena Clusters from Working group on Task Force Recommendations on Athena: Review and Action (John Brissom; Oliver Thomas)Following discussions at the March 31 MITCET meeting, a set of recommendations (attached) have been finalized for MITCET decisions and further action.
  3. Recommendations of Next Gen LMS committee; Presentation, Discussion and Decision (Eric Klopfer, MITCET)The Next generation LMS Committee led by Erick Klopfer has developed a set of recommendations for MITCET’s review and action. The recommendation and related documents are attached. This will serve as the basis for the discussion and MITCET recommendations.
  4. Online/Blended education at MITCET – Developing/Articulating a MITCET position to inform the institutional strategy for online/blended education (Dan Hastings; Vijay Kumar)

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