Friday, January 28, 2011

Notes for this meeting

  1. Defining a transformative experiment for the next Academic Year (Process and Considerations) based on Provost feedback on interim report. (Key Points attached). Specific Meeting Goals:
    • Identify a small set of BIG IDEAS to pursue that would lead to an irreversible positive transformation of MIT undergraduate education.The ideas would be directed toward making MIT undergraduate education much more modular through technology. Two specific ideas that could serve as the basis of BIG IDEAS are:
      • Make undergraduate education more flexible: Personalizing the educational experience through Flexible Majors, and alternative/adaptive learning opportunities.
      • Make our global offerings much more attractive by combining the modular idea with MISTI: We can imagine a program where students can do MISTI internships during part of the AY and still get the full benefit of the MIT education.
    • Identify Candidate departments and programs for anchor initiatives/experiments.- Determine criteria for selection (e.g. size, readiness) and process (e.g. Proposals?)-MITCET Process for the work ahead.
  2. Athena Cluster Transitions Phase 2
    • Review and Approval of Charter for Phase 2 of the Athena Transition Working Group (Document will be sent in advance)

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