Wednesday, March 23, 2011

11:00 – 12:30 pm
Rm. 5-231

Notes for this meeting


Part I.

  1. Updates and discussion on interest and proposals for MITCET experiments on modularization leading to greater student/faculty flexibility while enhancing overall student learning.
    • EECS: Dan, (Hal)
    • ESD: Dan
    • Sloan (Report on Sloan initiatives with modularity): Jim
    • Chemistry: Troy
    • Student Focus Groups: Liz Denys/Vikram
    • Other
  2. Process for developing and selecting experiments (Dan, Vijay)
    • Brief descriptions of ideas from departments/groups by April 15.
    • Department+MITCET (subgroup) develop proposal on selected ideas by April 30 ( May 6?)
    • MITCET decision for projects to commence in Fall by May 15 (May 20?)

Part II.

  • Charter and Working Group for Teaching/Learning Spaces: Christine

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