• iCampus Prize
    The iCampus Student Prize recognizes the innovative and creative application of technology that improves living and learning at MIT. The competition builds upon the entrepreneurism and spirit of service exhibited by MIT students to solve the world’s problems by focusing attention of what might be improved closer to home in MIT’s education and student life. The competition is open to all current MIT undergraduates and graduate students, both individuals and groups. (Formerly the MRiTIS Awards: The Microsoft Research iCampus Technology Innovation Student Prize)
  • Workshop on Online and Residential Education – May 2012
    On May 24, 2012, MITCET sponsored a workshop to examine the progress, costs and benefits from online learning experiments undertaken this academic year, identify specific ways that these experiments can help faculty teach in the MIT residential educational system, and identify projects, experiments, and themes that MIT should consider to further the understanding and implementation of online learning in the MIT curriculum, in order to enhance the residential educational experience.
  • Modularity Experiments 2011-2012
    In 2011-2012 MITCET worked with faculty from Aero/Astro, Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering to conduct a set of online educational experiments that focused on modularity and the idea of providing experiences for students that are more modular and flexible both in time (not always organized into one—semester chunks) and geography (not always on campus), as the key areas to address through these experiments.
  • Global Learning Initiative
    For demonstration projects that explore the application of computer and communications technology to advance global learning experiences at MIT.
  • Educational Transformation Through Technology at MIT
    MIT’s education technology development from 1999–2005.