Workshop on Online and Residential Education – May 2012

May 24, 2012 • 6th Floor, Media Lab • 2:00 – 5:00 pm

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Workshop Summary (PDF)

Workshop Goals

  • Learn about the progress, costs and benefits from online learning experiments undertaken this academic year
  • Identify specific ways that these experiments can help faculty teach in the MIT residential educational system.
  • Identify projects/experiments/themes that MIT should consider to further understanding/implementation of online learning in the MIT curriculum to enhance the residential educational experience.


General Slides (88 KB, PDF)

2:00 pm Welcome, Rafael Reif, Provost and President-Elect
Introduction, Goals and Outcome, Daniel Hastings, Dean for Undergraduate Education and Professor of Engineering Systems and Aeronautics & Astronautics
Workshop Logistics, Vijay Kumar, Senior Associate Dean and Director, Office of Educational Innovation and Technology
2:15 pm Examples of what MIT faculty are doing online in their courses

  • MITCET Experiments (MechE, Aero/Astro, Chemistry), Christine Ortiz, Dean for Graduate Education and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering (Inputs from: Profs. Ken Kamrin & Pedro Reis, Karen Willcox, John Essigmann)Slides (4.5 MB, PDF)
  • Life Sciences and Online Courses, Chris Kaiser, Department Head and Professor of Biology (Inputs from Prof. Graham Walker, STAR group)Slides (6 MB, PDF)
  • 6.002x, Anant Agarwal, President of EdX and Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science – Slides (922 KB, PDF)
2:45 pm Table discussion: What does online learning mean for you and your courses, and for your school or department?
3:05 pm Break
3:15 pm What we know about research on learning and its impact on pedagogy in online courses, Lori Breslow, Director, Teaching and Learning Laboratory – Slides (199 KB, PDF) and References (54 KB, PDF)
3:25 pm Table discussion: What should we consider to ensure effective student learning in online MIT courses?
3:45 pm Break
3:50 pm Technology and tools for online learning: Examples in use at MIT today, Eric Klopfer, Associate Professor of Science Education and Director, Scheller Teacher Education Program (Inputs from Profs. David Pritchard, Rob Miller, David Karger, Haynes Miller, Pete Donaldson and OEIT & Video Services) – Slides (9.3 MB, PDF)
4:05 pm Table discussions: What tools, infrastructure and support should MIT provide to enable effective student learning in online MIT courses?
4:25 pm Group discussion: What projects, experiments, and themes should MIT consider to further our understanding and implementation of online learning at MIT?
4:55 pm Summary and wrap-up, Eric Grimson, Chancellor and Bernard Gordon Professor of Medical Engineering
Closing Comments, Rafael Reif, Provost and President-Elect
5:00 pm Reception