Name Room Phone Email
Dean Dennis Freeman, Co-chair
Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science & Dean for Undergraduate Education
7-133 3-6056 freeman(at)mit(dot)edu
Professor Sanjay Sarma, Co-chair
Mechanical Engineering &
Dean, Digital Learning
35-206 3-1925 sesarma(at)mit(dot)edu
Dr. M.S. Vijay Kumar, Executive Officer
Associate Dean, Digital Learning & Senior Strategic Advisor
NE48-308 3-8004 vkumar(at)mit(dot)edu
Professor Hal Abelson,
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
32-386 3-5856 hal(at)mit(dot)edu
Dr. Lori Breslow
Senior Lecturer & Director,
Teaching and Learning Laboratory
E39-207 3-3780 lrb(at)mit(dot)edu
Mr. John Charles
Vice President , Information Services and Technology
W92 3-3292 ekearns(at)mit(dot)edu
Ms. Cecilia D’Oliveira
Associate Dean, Digital Learning & Executive Director, OpenCourseWare
NE35 3-6124 cec(at)mit(dot)edu
Dean Diana Henderson
Professor of Literature
Dean for Curriculum & Faculty Support
14N-418 3-5147 dianah(at)mit(dot)edu
Professor Anette E. Hosoi
Mechanical Engineering
3-262 3-4337 peko(at)mit(dot)edu
Professor Eric Klopfer
Urban Studies and Planning
E15-301 3-2025 klopfer(at)mit(dot)edu
Professor Thomas Kochan
Sloan School of Management
E62-334 3-6689 tkochan(at)mit(dot)edu
Professor Stuart Madnick
Sloan School of Management
E62-422 3-6671 smadnick(at)mit(dot)edu
Professor Nick Montfort
Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies
14N-233 4-1429 nickm(at)nickm(dot)com
Professor James Orlin
Sloan School of Management
E53-363 3-6606 jorling(at)mit(dot)edu
Dean Christine Ortiz
Professor of Materials Science & Engineering
Dean for Graduate Education
13-4022 2-3084 cortiz(at)mit(dot)edu
Professor Pawan Sinha
Brain and Cognitive Sciences
46-4077 3-1434 psinha(at)mit(dot)edu
Professor Troy Van Voorhis
6-229 3-1488 tvan(at)mit(dot)edu
Professor Dick Yue
Mechanical Engineering
1-206 3-0340 yue(at)mit(dot)edu
Ms. Jennifer Groff
Graduate Student Council Representative
Mr. Gaurav J Singh
Undergraduate Student Council Representative


2013-2014 Membership included: Eamon Kearns, Information Systems and Technology; Carrie Cai; Jeff Tzu-Hsien Chan; and Shruti Sharma

2012-2013 Membership included: Marilyn Smith, Head of Information Systems and Technology; Daniel Hastings, Dean for Undergraduate Education and Professor of Aeronautics & Astronautics and Engineering Systems; Ann Wolpert, Director of Libraries; Kuang Xu and Michael Plasmeier

2011-2012 Membership included: Daniel Jackson, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Scott Stern, Professor, Sloan School of Management.