Monday, Nov. 23, 2009

10:00 – 11:00 am
Rm. 12-196


  1. Finalizing CET Statement on Educational Video Services Strategy.
    This statement was sent to all MITCET members for comments.
  2. Recommendations for Athena Clusters from Institute Task Force: Process for understanding implications and developing strategy for student computing environment and technology enabled learning spaces.
  3. CET process for exploring and developing strategy for future learning environments (e-Learning / hybrid) at MIT.
    • Get calibration on how other institutions are taking advantage of new technology For example It would be useful to consider how technology is changing the opportunities for activities like joint courses and projects across institutions and for increased use of telecommunication. This would be consistent with one of MICET’s functions to undertake periodic reviews aimed at assessing educational technology in industry and in MIT’s peer institutions. (This has not been done as a council since MITCET was first formed in 1999)
    • Understand the implications of current educational technology initiatives at MIT on areas such as personalization of the learning process; deeper learning, learning content development, global learning experiences and bring and bringing research tools to learning.

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